Packing the hospital bag: the baby loss edit

Not only had I no idea about what to pack for going to the hospital to give birth to Rowan, it didn’t even occur to me that I would need to pack a bag.  Thankfully a close friend, who was also a mum to a baby who died before birth, set me on the path to packing success.

Things I took to the hospital:

  • Maternity notes.
  • Something comfy to labour in – I just laboured in my own clothes of a baggy top and stretchy leggings.
  • Multiple (at least three) pairs of comfy black knickers which I could just chuck if required.
  • Maternity pads (the hospital ones are too small and useless).
  • Cardigan – the misoprostol brought on horrible full body shivers because it raises your temperature meaning that I felt freezing even although I was hot.
  • Spare clothes in case I got kept in overnight or in case I bled through the original clothes (I needed to use them).
  • Basic toiletries including toothbrush and alcohol hand gel in case I got kept in overnight.
  • Spare t-shirt and underwear for birthing partner in case it turned into a marathon across several days.
  • Snacks / water for birthing partner (I was fasted so unable to eat).
  • Phone with camera and charger.
  • Blanket for Rowan (was still knitting the damn thing in the hospital) so she had something of us to stay with her when she went to the post mortem, and then the funeral home.
  • Wee bit of lace from my wedding dress in case we needed something to wrap her in.
  • Hypnobirthing recordings and playlist for labour.
  • Downloaded a season of a random show on to the tablet in case it took ages for the induction to work – there’s quite a bit of hanging around plus, for bonus points, it masks sounds if babies are being born in adjacent rooms.

Things I wish I had taken to the hospital:

  • A size appropriate hat – the hospital didn’t have any and that stressed me out.  All babies get a hat.
  • A story to read Rowan.
  • A thought about things I might want to tell her face to face.
  • A tiny teddy to leave with her (wouldn’t need this so much now as the updated SiMBA memory boxes have matching teddies, one for baby and one for you).
  • Questions I wanted to ask about things that were worrying me – largely around why this might have happened.

My lists are just that, mine.  But during that weird in-between day where my brain was mushed up somewhere far away, my friend’s list was a huge help to me.  So I’m sharing in the hope that my list can be of use to someone else who’s brain is mushed up by grief but is needing to pack the bag.

If you’ve already had to do the baby loss hospital bag packing, what did you take?  What have I missed?

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